Michael Burnett

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Michael Burnett has an impressive resume in the jumper ring and a talent for bringing along young jumper prospects. Michael has earned multiple top-3 finishes at the highly acclaimed Spruce Meadows Tournaments in Calgary Canada as well as winning numerous Welcome Stakes and Grand Prixs in the United States throughout his career. 

Burnett’s program pays attention to the details and concentrates on one-on-one training for both riders and horses. Flatwork is essential and the fitness of the horses is key. Burnett’s teaching philosophy is based on the classical style of American riding and he is extremely passionate about his sport and dedicated to his clients. His riders love his focused attention and the success that follows.

While on the road, Burnett Farm employs a seasoned manager to handle all aspects of the care of the facility, horses, and riders staying at home. Michael spends a good part of the winter in Wellington, Florida, competing among the best riders in the world. His program welcomes serious riders and horses of all levels for training and showing.

Career Highlights:




  • Hits Chicago Spring – 1st Open Welcome and the $5,000 Jumper Stake Class
  • Brownland Summer- 1st $10,000 Welcome and 3rd in the $30,000 Grand Prix
  • World Equestrian Center Ohio Summer – 3rd  $25,000 Grand Prix
  • Minnesota Fall Harvest – 2nd $25,000 Grand Prix

Winter Equestrian Festival

  • Circuit Reserve Champion in the Six-Year-Old Young Jumpers aboard VDL Mr. Cornet
  • Chagrand, won a 1.40m class
  • 2nd in a large 1.45m class in the International Ring

World Equestrian Center Ohio November/December

  • Changrand – 1st in the $10,000 Welcome and 2nd in the $30,000 Grand Prix.
  • VDL Mr. Cornet - 1.25m Jumper Champion



  • Chagrand won 2 -1.35m Jumper Classes and second in the 1.40m speed


  • WEC Ohio Spring - 1.35m Champion
  • WEC Ohio Summer - 1.30m Champion
  • WEC Ohio Fall - 1.35m Champion
    • 2nd - $10,000 Futures Prix
  • WEC Ohio Winter – 1st $30,000 Grand Prix
    • 1st $10,000 Welcome



  • 1st- $30,000 Brownland Grand Prix
  • 1st- 2 weeks in a row $15,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix
  • 1st- $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix
  • 1st- $20,000 HITS Culpeper Grand Prix
  • 1st- $25,000 HITS Saugerties
  • 2nd- $25,000 World Equestrian Center
  • 2nd- $50,000 Lamplight Grand Prix
  • 3rd - $25,000 Devon Fall1st- 1.40m at WEF


  • Individual Bronze Medal $25,000 Platinum Zone 5 Jumper Championships
  • 1st- $10,000 Dec. St Louis Grand Prix
  • 1st- Welcome Stake Maffitt Lake
  • 2nd- Welcome Stake Brownland
  • 3rd- $15,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix
  • 3rd- $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix
  • Champion 1.30m Jumpers /HITS Culpeper
  • 35m Class winner/ World Equestrian Center


  • 1st- Welcome Stake Swan Lake PA
  • 1st- $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix
  • 1st and 3rd in 1.40m Devon Fall Classic
  • 1st- 1.30m HITS Chicago


  • 1st- 1.25m Jumper Stake / Midstates and Maffitt Lake
  • 2nd- 1.20m Great Lakes Equestrian Festival


  • 1stPlace $30,000 Brownland Summer Grand Prix
  • 3rdPlace $30,000 Welcome Stake at Great Lakes
    Equestrian Festival
  • 3rdPlace $50,000 Buckeye Nutrition Grand Prix
    World Equestrian Center
  • 3rdPlace $50,000 Boehringer Ingelheim Grand
    Prix at HITS Balmoral
michael burnett

Previous Years

  • 2nd - $100,000 International Omaha Speed Class Final in 2018 - Iron
  • 1st - $30,000 The Rescue Ride Grand Prix
  • 1st - $25,000 Harvest Grand Prix

Before starting in the jumpers, Michael won many junior hunter championships and equitation classes in the Midwest and south.  He won multiple Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior/Amateur Jumper Classics before moving into the Grand Prix ring, where he successfully rode to approximately 40 top 3 Grand Prix finishes.

Michael also coaches his students to top finishes in the hunters, jumpers and equitation.