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20/03/2019 ; Wellington FL ; Winter Equestrian Festival - Week 11 ; 7326, CHAGRAND, MICHAEL BURNETT ; open jumper 1.45m ; Sportfot

We are a Hunter/Jumper training center located in Lebanon, IN. Our training system is founded on the principles of discipline, patience, and empathy for the horse. Trainer Michael Burnett focuses on improving a rider's position as a way to make jumping easier for the horse. He also believes that demonstration for the student is a valuable part of his teaching method. When training, Burnett holds fast to basic principles and believes that while the type of horse may vary, the principles do not. Get in touch with us to schedule your private consultation today to see how Burnett Farm can help you excel in the sport.


“I'm very dedicated to horse training and education. I believe it is the way up for all riders.” – Michael Burnett